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Jan 7 2017

Units of Measure

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I would like to direct you to this blog entry before we begin:

Samuel Maurer's Day Off

Good story, right?

5 months after this entry was written I moved into the same dorm, the same floor in fact, as Sam - Conner 2, English House. Units of measure were alive and well within the culture of Conner 2 during my stay there. To the best of my knowledge there were only two rules regarding the units of measure.

  1. Celebrities get to define their own units of measure.
  2. Everybody else has to have their unit assigned to them by another member of Conner 2.

I can't remember all of the units of my floormates but I remember a few. A Tang measured orthogonality to conversation. A Graybill is a unit of harem. The Itani is a unit of negative tact.  A Snively is equal to 1 byte wasted on the internet. 

Friends with units is great, but what I really enjoyed, and still enjoy, is collecting celebrity units. You see, the Colbert story (go read the blog entry I linked to above, seriously,... read the post »


Jul 20 2016

Chris inspired me to do dumb things

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January 2015 I saw a Reddit post about a guy's mother who ran the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World.  For those unaquainted, the Disney theme parks host a variety of runs throughout the year.  Many are themed (Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Star Wars Half, etc etc) but once each year both Disney World and Disney Land do an unthemed series of runs.  Disneyland does a 5k, 10k, and half marathon in November while Disney World does a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon in January.  The Goofy Challenge consists of running the Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday and the Disney World Marathon the next day on Sunday.

I saw the picture of this woman holding up three large medals and thought to myself "I want those medals!"  I'd never run anything longer than a 5k but Chris Peterson's journey from no running to Boston Marathon convinced me that I could train and pull it off. I started doing my research. I looked up the Goofy Challenge and discovered that there was also a Dopey... read the post »


Jul 17 2016

My Least Responsible Purchase

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I saw my first Tesla in July, 2009. I knew what Teslas were but it was before Tesla REALLY took off.  It was a Tesla Roadster and I was awed by its 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and it being all-electric.

2 years later I graduated from MIT and a year and a half after that I moved to Oregon for work.  I found a real estate agent, found a lot, and built a house in 2013.  $11k down gets you a $205k house.  As my house was nearing completion

my real estate agent swung by to check on the progress.  She was driving a Tesla Model S 85.  I drooled at it.  I stole glances at it.  I fell in love with it.  It was the second Tesla I'd ever seen up close and in real life.  

"I love your car," I told her, "I'm very jealous."

"You should get one!" she returned

"I can't afford that car."

"You can afford this!" she said.

She was wrong, of course.  I could definitely not afford a $100k car, but I spent the next several years following Tesla and wanting one.

I took a job 1.5 hours north of... read the post »


Aug 9 2014

Life slows down a bit - if you let it

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The blogs turn 10 and all the bloggers get e-mails saying "Write something fun for the 10-year blog birthday!" so, of course, I say yes.  It wasn't until 12 hours before it was due that I started writing and it was only THEN that I discovered I really didn't have a lot to talk about.  Why?  Because I've let life slow down a bit since graduating.  On campus it was like "BLOG CONTENT!  BLOG CONTENT!  FIRE! UNICYCLE! MATH! ACTIVITY! LECTURE! WITTY! WOO!"

Now?  "mow the lawn. go to work. clean stuff. swear at deer eating plants. do other stuff.  eh."

"Wow Snively, you've let your life go to hell, so boring!"

Not so!  Life is actually pretty great!  If you ignore the average 1.5 hour each way commute I have to/from work (which, though less than desirable, is really helping me climb the ranks in Waze), I'm doing pretty well!

I summarized my life after school in my last blog post so I'll just do some quick updates this time.

1)  Yup, still skydiving :)

This picture got me... read the post »


Jan 19 2014

Uba Quubick Hubellubo

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Yubo yubo yubo, chubeckubing ubin! Ubit's bubeen 2.5 yubears subince grubadubuubatubing uband uba lubot hubas hubappubened, subo lubet's gubet subummubarubizubing, shuball wube? Thubis ubentruby wubon't bube ubabubout MUBIT uband ubit wubon't bube ubespeciuballuby hubelpfubul fubor thubose thubinkubing ubabubout ubattubendubing MUBIT bubut hubey! Ubi'm uban ubalubum uband Ubi fubigubure Ubi've gubot jubust ubenubough clubout tubo gubet ubawubay wubith ubit. Mubaybe Ubi'll ubevuben thrubow ubin uba nubuubaghtuby wubord tubo subee ubif Ubi cuban gubet ubawubay wubith ubit. ;)

Lubast yubou hubeard frubom mube Ubi wubas jubust gubettubing muby skubydubivubing lubicubense. Wubell, Ubi've bubeen duboubing uba lubot ubof skubydubivubing subince thuben uband hubave ubabubout 200 jubumps nubow. Hubere ubare uba fubew ubof muby fubavuborubites -

Jubumpubing frubom thube bubomb bubays ubof uba B17 Bubombuber - Ubi wubas gubivuben thube uboppubortubunubituby tubo jubump frubom thube bubomb... read the post »