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Feb 12 2018


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i graduated! *confetti noises*

i took a semester off back in 2015, so i'm doing things a little out of order. instead of walking last spring, i finished my last semester of undergrad in the dead of winter. i'll start work at mit lincoln laboratory next may, and then i'll do the whole cap-and-gown thing with the 2018s in june.

as far as endings go, the last few weeks of my last semester at mit were more of a slow burn than a bang. i sang my last concert with the wellesley-mit toons. classes ended and finals week started and i scheduled dinners and lunches and walks with friends, taking advantage of suddenly-open afternoons. i would see people and wonder if it would be the last time i saw them, if not ever, then at least for a while. i watched lady bird (excellent and emotional) and swiss army man (also excellent, also emotional) and went to a house party. i took my last final exam (6.006, intro to algorithms). i packed up my things. a few days after christmas, i submitted my... read the post »


Nov 18 2017


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woke up this morning, layered on two sweaters and a jacket, and went across the street to the media lab, where the DATA FOR BLACK LIVES conference is happening all weekend. check out the livestream at

* * *

i'm sad i won't be able to attend most of the panels. but i made it to the opening panel. here are some very incomplete notes i jotted down about what everyone said - 

KAMALA HARRIS, my senator from california, recorded a video message to kick off the morning. she talked about the the power of technology and data science to bring change to the criminal justice system. 

CATHY O'NEIL, author of Weapons of Math Destruction, talked about how algorithms and data are never neutral; they reflect decisions made by people in power about what and how information should be used. she cites examples of data bias in predictive policing and criminal risk assessment. there's a critical need for ethics and accountability in data science, and a... read the post »


Nov 14 2017

everything i know about friendship, i learned from the wellesley-mit toons

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  1. schedule regular times to see my friends, weekly or biweekly. put it in google calendar. (toons has rehearsal 2x a week)
  2. check in with my friends and ask how they're doing. do this regularly (toons does this formally, every rehearsal)
  3. take my friends off campus (the bus to wellesley is an easy way to do this but there are other places too!)
  4. invite my friends to do things that i want/need to do and sometimes they will say yes. this applies to concerts. this applies to ordering dominos at 1am. this applies to watching a terrible movie for my film class. 
  5. tell my friends where i am when i'm just working somewhere on campus or hanging out by myself in my room. if they're nearby they'll swing by and say hi, and it sets a precedent for letting them know that they can visit me.
  6. ask my friends for advice. they are smart people and often know what to do.
  7. introduce my new friends to my old friends. if my friends are friends with me they'll probably be friends with... read the post »


Oct 20 2017

six minutes in maseeh dining

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there are five dining halls at mit but only one (maseeh) is open for lunch on weekdays:



Oct 11 2017

what a sunrise sounds like

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sunday morning, before it rained, just before sunrise as the full moon was setting over walker memorial, that brisk boston breeze and the runners along the esplanade (there are always runners along the esplanade)

out by the sailing pavilion, there are some benches where you can sit with the road behind you and the river path in front, and watch the clouds racing east over boston, while the wind whips and whistles through the rigging