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Aug 14 2018

We Saw a Sea Turtle

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This summer, we saw (and observed for two hours!) a real live SEA TURTLE!!!! AHHHHHH

The summer before our freshman year, we were walking with our mom near the shore at night. We saw a dark moving spot in the distance, and as we approach, we realized it was a sea turtle! Because we weren’t expecting it, and got spooked, we all irrationally ran away.

a sloppy sketch the night we ran away from a sea turtle (aahhh more than 2 years ago!)

This summer, one of our goals was to find another sea turtle on the shore and NOT run away. So, almost every night with our mom, we’d walk along the beach for a stroll, hoping to find one.

We did this for more than 2 months to no avail…

One of the nights we wrote a poem with our mom in Russian (followed by the transliteration and translation). 

Песок к ногам клеится,
и ветер с океана веетса,
молния небо обвернуло,
И к нам навстречу потянуло!
Мы шли... read the post »


Jul 11 2018

What We Did In High School

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One month ago, we helped out Lauren Avalos (an MIT Admissions Counselor), at our high school's annual college forum, where a bunch of counselors from top tier schools gave a panel discussion about the college admissions process, sandwiched between two 20 minute Q&A sessions. The audience was mostly high school juniors and sophomores but there were also some very ambitious middle schoolers that came up to us. Three years ago, we went to this panel and met Lauren there, and asked her a question too. If memory serves, it was whether we could include collaborative projects in the Maker Portfolio (we think she said yes, as long as you specify what you contributed to).

We’ve chatted a couple times with Lauren on campus, and towards the end of this past semester, she invited us to come to this forum where we met. We thought it would be fun, so we went, and helped Lauren with the 2 Q&A sessions.

us (Danny sitting, Allan standing) at the college forum, wearing our high school shirts... read the post »


Jun 21 2018

Axes of Confusion

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We are confused about what we want to do with our lives and thus what we should be majoring in.

Currently, we are majoring in Course 21E, or Humanities and Engineering. It is a super cool joint major that allows you to combine any Engineering field and any Humanities field. It’s different from a double major because, well, it equates to the units of one major, and it achieves this by cutting requirements from both the Humanities field and the Engineering field you chose, making it really flexible. Our humanities field is CMS, or Comparative Media Studies (which is a really broad major too; we are interested in the storytelling and writing classes offered in it). And our Engineering field is Course 6, or Computer Science.

We chose this major by thinking endlessly about what we want to do with our lives during freshman year. 

We realized that what impacts us most (thereby what we want to contribute to), is and always has been animated cartoons and movies. A well written and... read the post »


Jun 5 2018

Semester Reflections

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This past semester has been different than any of our other semesters at MIT (and even any of our years in K-12), in that we only took ONE class together!

Not all twins are like this, but we just happened to always have very similar academic interests, and so we've always taken the same classes (often the timing of our schedules were different, but our courses were always the same).

Having similar academic interests is not what changed this semester though.

At MIT, combined with cross-registering, there are just so many freaking cool classes! Plus our major (Humanities and Engineering) is extremely flexible! So as opposed to in K-12, when there were only sooo many classes that we found interesting and that met requirements, we now have the option to BOTH have schedules we enjoy and that are different.

Granted, we’ve had this option for the past three semesters and have taken advantage of it to an extent in freshman spring and sophomore fall. But after three semesters, we... read the post »


May 29 2018

Our Room (formerly, THE Sal Khan’s Room) is Being Converted into WiFi!

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It all started one day in the fall semester, when Danny was in CMS.100 (Intro to Comparative Media Studies). The professor handed out teacher evaluation forms and left the classroom. Around the same time, an email got sent out to the both of us and to two others who live in a double on the third floor of Next House, specifically in Safety Third (the counterpart to our wing, Danger Third Rail). One of the two in the Safety Third double happened to be in the same CMS.100 class as Danny. As soon as the professor left the room, she turned to Danny and said, "Did you get the email? Our rooms are being turned into WiFi!" 

... we are, 7 months later and in Florida, already parted ways with our room of 3 semesters, making this blog post about how, indeed, our double is one of two on the third floor in Next House being converted to some tech stuff to improve the Next House WiFi (that we never thought was bad in the first place?).

Though it probably sounds like we are or we... read the post »