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Sep 5 2018

Enjoy Life

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Today is my first day of school as a PhD student at MIT. Today is also Dr. Abe’s memorial service. Today would have been his 99th birthday.

Dr. Abe was my “American grandfather” since I was 16, without whom I never would have ended up at MIT and probably wouldn’t have ended up as a bioengineer. I am grateful to have had wonderful mentors and scientists and engineers in my life, but he was my favorite; his influence on my life, the most profound.

Ever since I officially left the Admissions office this summer, I’ve been thinking about what to do for my last blog post. I’d planned to doodle something about "Ithaka" by Constantine Cavafy. It’s one of my favorite poems, all about looking toward the future and starting new journeys. But as I get ready to start a new journey of my own, I’ve mostly been thinking about the past and saying goodbye. And I thought that maybe the best send off to you (especially to you aspiring scientists and engineers out there) would be to share my send... read the post »


Aug 22 2018

Applying to Grad School

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One of this year’s admits asked me how MIT sets you up for grad school admissions. Now, you do NOT need to be worrying about grad school as a teenager. But since it’s been a while since anyone’s blogged about it, here’s my probably-more-comprehensive-than-you-were-looking-for-but-here-it-is-anyway take.

Table o’ Contents

  1. The most important thing is to figure out why you want to Do The Thing

  2. MIT did not convince me to Do The Thing—here are the things that did

  3. Do research and/or work to discover why you want to Do The Thing and to convince others you can Do The Thing (MIT helped, but is not necessary)

  4. MIT was the most helpful in figuring out where to apply

  5. Tips on the application components

  6. Why I chose MIT again

  7. Is it better to go to MIT for undergrad or grad school?

Important caveats:

  • There’s more to life than grad school. And college. And school, in general.

  • Where you end up for grad school has less to do with the... read the post »


Mar 13 2018


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Jan 16 2018


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Happy New Year, beautiful people! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as my family did:

Anyway, I come to you in 2018 bearing forms… the February Updates and Notes (FUN) form.

tl;dr: the FUN form is where you can send us your latest grades along with any other relevant updates that you want us to know (things like awards, achievements, etc. that have happened after you submitted your application). Don’t feel obligated to fill up the form—it’s okay if all you’re sending us is semester grades. But you DO have to submit it, regardless of if you have updates or not. Access it through your MyMIT and submit it by Feb. 15!

Now, if you’re sitting there confused, about to call the Admissions office, don’t worry—Auntie E has got your back. Pleeeease look through the FAQs I’ve assembled below first. If you can’t find an answer here, leave a comment or feel free to contact the office.

I already graduated high school or I’m not currently in school. What do I do?
Ya still gotta... read the post »


Oct 24 2017

Early Action FAQs

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The first round of application deadlines are upon you, which means ALL THE EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS are upon us.

So many.

If you’ve been trying to contact the Admissions office regarding your application, and you still haven’t heard from us, don’t worry! We got your message but are chipping away at them more slowly than usual because the volume has been so high. (Last week, we were getting over a hundred emails a day…) While you are patiently waiting, please check out the FAQs below in case I can get you back to zen calm state sooner :)

***AN IMPORTANT NOTE***: A lot of people seem to be panicking about getting all the required materials in for the Early Action (EA) deadline. We know that there’s been a ton of craziness with natural disasters this year (which impacted the testing), not all of you have been able to set up your interview, etc. If you can’t make the Early Action deadline, it is okay to apply Regular Action (RA). Seriously. You don’t get “bonus points” or extra... read the post »