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Nov 6 2016

EC Gothic/Screaming (“I don’t want to work on psets”)

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It’s been a while. Welcome back. Let’s get this over with:

That was East Campus, video by and courtesy of Eric Lujan ‘19, screaming cathartic on Friday, November 6, 2015.

Today is Sunday, November 6. This is EC Gothic, authored by East Campus, the residents and the mailing list, not all of which is residents, from 7:07pm Sunday, May 3, through 1:47am Tuesday, May 5, 2015, in expansion of MIT Gothic. It is up to you to decipher these, and to distinguish the truth from the fiction. Maybe you’ll find a place where the ephemeral is more real than the truth. That place might be MIT. The time might be the middle of the semester. We’re from the past. We can help. Have you slept? Good luck.

EC Gothic

Nchinda N. '17

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Miranda G. ‘16

You are taking four classes and you have five psets. You don’t know where the extra pset came from or which one it is. The example scenarios in the problems grow increasingly violent.

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May 21 2016

I am a bachelor of science and a master of engineering.

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My thesis is done. It is

  • 384 pages long,
  • 2.0833% of them text,
  • 4.9479% of them pictures, and
  • 90.365% of them code.


Here is potato soup, made and dictated by Cory and based heavily on this soup recipe.

Potato Soup

Chop four carrots, three or four stalks of celery, an onion, three or four large potatoes, and one leftover pork chop (or whatever). Put them all in a pot except for the potatoes, cook for two minutes without broth, add the potatoes, and cook five more minutes without broth.


Add broth (any broth; we used chicken stock). Simmer ten minutes or so until the potatoes are soft. Whisk together three tablespoons of flour and one cup of milk and stir it into the soup. Cook five more minutes.


Let the soup cool enough that it is safe to handle. Food process half of it and put it back. Add one cup of half-and-half or a half-cup of cream. Stir the soup, bring it back to a boil, and season to taste.


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May 6 2016

Winter/Summer/Where I’m From

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I spent this past IAP at home in Central Pennsylvania. This is where I grew up, from 13 to 18, and where I spend most of my IAPs and long weekends when I can.

PA is colder than Boston, or it feels that way. In the winter the grass is covered in hoarfrost (иней in Russian, I learned) that melts during the day except in the shadow of the house. I call my grandmother on my dad’s side, which I only get to do when I visit my parents. We talk about vacations and compare temperatures (-5 here, -25 in Perm). We talk about my and Cory’s apartment garden, and why my radishes won’t grow (it’s not cold enough). I tell her about how my peas died, and how the onion and dill, which grow so well in Russia, have been four inches tall for the past four months.

Winter in PA is grey trees against a warm, colorless sky, stillness, grey chimney smoke drifting, grey mountains. When night falls the pink streetlights light the forest from behind, the snow a white shadow on all the trees.

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Apr 27 2016

Beacon St. and Marlborough St.

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Over the past few years, toward the end of my full-time undergrad and during my MEng, I’ve fallen hard in love with this city—Cambridge, then Boston, and Somerville—the vines and flowers and old brick against skyscrapers; black skies, grey roofs, and red brick sidewalks and rooftop gardens.

I love our long, long, daylong and nighttime walks. I love feeling thoroughly exhausted. When I close my eyes at night I see castles, green pillars, grey roofs, green and red walls, rust, and vines. I still feel the sun on my skin; I still see blue skies, light clouds, and networks of fire escapes between here and more magical places.

Over the next weeks before I graduate I want to show you more of these places I love, starting with Beacon St. and Marlborough St., which run parallel to the water on the Boston side, across the Charles from MIT. This is where we spent our past Saturday, our first warm weekend that I’ve been in town, on a path that looks like this:

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Apr 11 2016

An MIT Underwear Exposé (and Sorting Hat)

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A lot of socializing at MIT happens on the dorm mailing lists. One of my favorite mailing lists is Burton-Conner’s, not because of the content of the mailing list (I’ve never been on it), but because of the excellent barrier to emailing it: it is tradition, a very important rule, and a sign of respect to sign emails to the Burton-Conner dormwide social mailing list with the color of the underwear you are wearing. (For a more detailed explanation, see Snively ‘11’s post from 2009.)

This rule is a huge boon to those of us who are data-curious and kind of creepy. All MIT undergraduates, even those who have never lived in Burton-Conner, have a wealth of data on the self-reported underwear colors of people who have emailed the entire undergraduate population, which includes Burton-Conner. Reasons for emailing all undergraduates include event announcements for student groups and departments, flame wars, and occasionally lost items. In contrast, the kinds of emails sent within a dorm... read the post »