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There are over 500 student organizations at MIT. They include 73 ethnic and cultural associations; more than 46 musical, theater and dance groups; 23 religious organizations; 17 activism groups; a regional ROTC program; and many more. Chances are there's a group of students here doing something you'd love to do; if there isn't, you can start your own.

Some of the extracurriculars offered at MIT include:

and literally hundreds more.


With 33 varsity sports teams, MIT is the largest Division III program in the nation. MIT student-athletes have earned 250 Academic All-America citations, the most of any DIII school in the nation. About one in five MIT students participate in varsity athletics.

For students who want to stay active but who don't wish to participate in varsity athletics, there are also 30+ club teams, and 18 intramural sports. Whether you're a potential Olympic contender or if this is the first time you've ever thrown a frisbee, you will have an opportunity to exercise your body. In fact, MIT has 10 athletic facilities and 26 acres of playing fields, and the Zesiger Center gymnasium.

Traditions & Residential Life

Outside of the formal extracurriculars and athletics, there is also quite a bit of unstructured tomfoolery that occurs on campus. Probably most famous are the MIT hacks, which are elaborate, anonymous practical jokes played on MIT and the local community by MIT students.

Some famous hacks include:

You can find more hacks on the IHTFP Gallery and Wikipedia.

Much of the fun on campus is also centered around MIT's unique residential life system, where wildly different cultures thrive in different residence halls and living groups. About 90% of MIT students live in residence halls and fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups (FSILGs). All 10 residence halls include a live-in faculty head of house.

At MIT, students choose where they would like to live via the i3 process, during which each dorm sends each student information about all of the cool stuff they do, and REX, during which students explore dorms on-campus before choosing one to move into. So you will be able to find a community of folks here who like to do what you like to do and live with them. It's an incredible opportunity to find your home away from home here at MIT.