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My name is Kris Guay and I’m the new Communications Manager in MIT Admissions. I’ve worked for many years in the communications field in the corporate world, in the nonprofit world, and in higher education. I‘ve worn many hats as a writer, a web editor, a web producer, a content developer, an Interactive Marketing Director and now as a Communications Manager and Admissions Counselor where I’ll get to do a little (and a lot) of these kinds of things all in one job.

I’m also a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art with a BFA in film (ok it was a long a time ago now and all my films were in super 8) but I still feel like the artist I was learning to be at the time. You don’t lose that creative way of seeing the world you get from an art school education and I have brought that aspect into every one of my jobs. Now I don’t use a super 8 camera to capture images on film anymore, but instead I write them into a poem, or describe them in my blog about my teenagers. And I get excited about design and social media and new ways to communicate a message to an audience.

I’m so thrilled to be working at MIT because I’ve known about the best-kept secret here for a very long time. This is a truly wonderfully artistic place to be. I spent weekends in the 80s (Ugh yes, the 80s) prowling around the exhibits at the LIST Visual Arts Center, sat on the floor cross legged in a class about the intersection of science and art in the old Longwood building at MassArt with Lowry Burgess, a former Fellow and Senior Consultant at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, and the very best humanities teacher I ever had while I was getting a masters degree in Literature at Harvard Extension School was actually a professor here at MIT! The class was on Hypertext and I wrote a truly abysmal paper that for years would come up first in the list when I googled my name. Thank god it is gone finally. If you find it, please be kind. It was the first real academic paper of my life (remember I went to art school)

As for the rest of my life, I am a “not straight” mom of two teenage boys who I blog about. I sometimes read my poetry onstage, and I’m hoping to write a book one day. I love cake, have a nasty Dr Pepper habit I’m trying to kick, and unlike most of my coworkers here, I’m old enough to remember a typewriter. Although I will say I’m young enough still to love, love, love facebook. Happy blogging!

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